Boat trip around St. Maarten to discover beaches and paradisiacal islands

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The island of St. Marteen in the Caribbean is well known for its tropical landscapes and paradisiac beaches. It’s possible to visit most of them by car, but on the other hand, it is much more pleasant to discover them by boat! This is exactly what we did on a full-day excursion aboard the Santino with Aqua Mania Adventure. On the schedule; snorkeling with turtles, relaxing on white sandy beaches and exploring beautiful Caribbean islands!

In St. Maarten, there are 37 beaches of fine sand bordered by water of a bright turquoise. On board the Santino, we literally made the complete tour of the island, which allowed us to contemplate the majority of them. Personally, our favorite beach was during the very first stop of the tour in Long Bay. She completely charmed us with her striking beauty and tranquility. It is also the largest beach of the island, it extends over more than eight kilometers. We were there for about 15 minutes, we would certainly have loved to spend more time!


Other than the discovery of beaches, the excursion allowed us to snorkel twice. We observed the seabed of two small islands, Creole Rock and Tintamarre. Although they were very pretty, marine life was not the most abundant or varied. Despite this, it was interesting to observe some species of tropical fish in their natural habitat. In Tintamarre, we really enjoyed swimming with the turtles, it is a unique experience to be able to contemplate them only a few meters from ourself.

For lunch, we stopped at Grand Case, a small town by the beach on the northern part of St. Maarten. There are several restaurants with terraces overlooking the ocean. The menus are mainly made up of grills and seafood, all at a reasonable price.

Our last stop of the day was on Pinel Island, a must-see in St. Maarten. It is located less than 200 meters from the shore and offers its visitors everything they need to spend an unforgettable day. There are a few restaurants and bars directly on the beach, a souvenir shop, iguanas of impressive size and snorkeling sites part of the nature reserve of St. Maarten. It is also possible to hike a beautiful that circles the island. The trail meets two much wilder beaches than the main one where the majority of the action takes place.


As we had another hour of boat before reaching our final destination, we spent a very short amount of time at Pinel Island. As with Long Bay, we would have loved to enjoy it longer, the place is so unique and heavenly!

The complete adventure by boat aboard the Santino takes nearly seven hours and allows you to see the island of St. Maarten, from a new angle. If you enjoy beaches, snorkeling and boat trips, this activity will please you. For more information about it, click on the following link:

We would like to thank Aqua Mania Adventure and its very friendly staff for this wonderful partnership.

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